Desert Places

Raised in a dysfunctional family, on the grounds of a state prison in the Mojave Desert, redheaded Ruby Rose takes nightly flights of fancy, sailing over the mountains, into the dream world of Hollywood, where she reigns amid the stars.

Popular in high school, Homecoming Queen, she has all the boys eating out the palm of her hand. But her favorite is solid, plain-spoken Ma Bauer, who love Ruby even more than his desert home. After high school, Max sees her off to a new life as an aspiring actress in Hollywood, praying she will return to him someday.

Max offers her the support she needs, but secretly prays for her failure. When she phones to recount her tumultuous misadventures there, he prays she will just give up and come home . Yet Ruby rarely loses faith in her own destiny and laughs at her own failures. Her spirit remains huge and generous, even towards the actors, agents, producers, and “casting couch” directors who use and abuse her, even when she ends up broke, living in her car, even when she suffers from a painful abortion.



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