Ernest Brawley

Brawley’s life story reads like one of his action and adventure filled novels. After college, and a stint in the US Army, he stuck out his thumb and hitchhiked from San Francisco to Buenos Aires, where he got a job as a reporter on an English language newspaper. Eventually, he worked his way around the entire world as a deckhand, dishwasher, money changer, movie extra and English tutor. He ended up in Paris, living the proverbial life of the “penniless artist.” When he published his first novel, he went literally from “rags to riches,” which he spent by living the European high life for a few years.

Ernest wrote more novels and since then he has spent his life writing, teaching, and traveling. An adventurer at heart, he has lived and worked in several remote locales, including Bolivia, India, Thailand, and Japan. He now lives on the island of Mauritius.

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The Novels...

Ernest Brawley has published five novels. His first, “The Rap,” based on his experiences as a guard at San Quentin Prison, was an international best seller and made into a feature film called “Fastwalking.” See Articles-Films page.

His second novel, “Selena,” based on his experiences as a tomato picker in the Great Central Valley. It was also published worldwide and purchased by Twentieth Century Fox.

His third, “The Alamo Tree,” a fictionalized version of his Mexican and American ancestors’ adventures on both sides of the border who who rose from servants to financial giants. An American family who would develop a small hotel into an internationally famous resort. Featured selection at Literary Guild.

His fourth, “Love Has No Country,” set in Vietnam-era Laos, concerns the passionate, heartbreaking affair of an American CIA operative with a beautiful native doctor who turns out to be a Communist spy.

The fifth novel "Blood Moon" is soon to be released. In the year 1880, an impoverished journalist, hitching across Arizona, encounters two fellow travelers, a beautiful  Mexican girl, and a dissolute ex-Confederate.

His sixth: "Streetlight" A reporter in New York during 1970s crime and drug-ridden nadir happens upon information that implicates an old lover of hers, a celebrated anti-drug guru, in in the murder of his wife.


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